Support Hours

We like (or at least say we like) to work ‘sane’ hours which are typically 6am GMT to 6pm GMT, Monday through Friday, exclusive of the following European / South African holidays:

Guidelines for Submitting a Support Ticket

As a general rule, this ticket system is reserved for letting us know when we need to take action on your behalf or if you are having problems using TextDrive services and can’t find answers on our site or knowledge base. Remember, you can change your service type, billing information, and contact information at

We try to immediately respond and fix any issues or problems that you might be having, but to provide you with that level of support, we need a detailed but succinct description of what you’re experiencing.

If a Service is Down

Our System Administrators have automatically been alerted, so there's no need to file a support ticket. Please check the status weblog for updates, and hold tight: we're working on it!

If You Still Need Us

You can submit a ticket requesting assistance.

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